Google Fiber and video games: Meet Ignite Austin 4 speaker, Burnes Hollyman

Burnes Hollyman

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Burnes Hollyman, President, gamerista: Based in Austin, Texas, Burnes currently runs gamerista, a video game development, user & audience experience video game testing and research and development. He directs major projects and works with both the largest video game companies and indie studios in the industry, domestically and internationally, to create, design, research, develop and test new trans-media video game experiences. His work at gamerista goes across the global digital video game space including core, mid-core, massive online, indie, casual & social, mobile, and serious games as well as simulations, immersive worlds and virtual and augmented reality, integrating them with other trans-media applications, services, platforms and infrastructure. He holds an undergraduate degree from NYU where he studied film and new media, a Masters degree from the Department of Radio, Television and Film at the University of Texas, Austin and is completing his PhD dissertation on creating digital entertainment transmedia startup franchises. He is the founder of “Video Game Makers Unite”, an Austin-based video game incubator organization.

Read about Burnes’ talk here.

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