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Andrew Hyde: 2021-People are Analog Too

The truth lies where it lies and in the future it does it more so. Electromagnetic fields erase all data, and it is our job to repurpose and reprogram our lives… and lies.


John Pointer: 2021- The future of music.

The future of music isn’t with the CD or .99 cent download. The future of music is in the hands of the fans + subscriptions = Patronism. The CD and album model is dead. Fan subscriptions or Patronism is the … Continue reading


Nick Pinkston: 2021 -Hardware is the New Software

We sit in 2011 during a surge of agile software startup activity, but in 2021 “Makers” will build physical hardware as agile as software. By 2021, startups will be making unique physical products as ubiquitous as today’s web startups. Fueled … Continue reading


Enchantment: The Future of Influence – Guy Kawasaki @ Ignite SXSW!

Guy Kawasaki discusses the future of public relatons and interpersonal relations through twenty tips on how to become more … Enchanting.


Slinging the cream, living the dream – Matt Allen the Ice Cream Man @ Ignite! SXSW

Matt Allen, the Ice Cream Man, explores the future of free and the power of altruism, doing things right and being nice. Matt explains his traveling the country and giving away free ice cream, the philosophy behind it. Free works! … Continue reading


Prabhakar Gopalan at Ignite SXSW! Managers Ousted!

Prabhakar Gopalan is a management and product consultant who has a radical take on managers. Get rid of them! From Ignite SXSW, March 11th 2011.


Valeria Maltoni at Ignite SXSW! Uploading Humanism

From Ignite SXSW in March of 2011. We’ll be uploading videos from the speakers over the next couple of weeks! Here, Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent fame, speaks about “Uploading Humanism”. Check it out!



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Get ready for @GuyKawasaki on Friday!

We’re excited to announce that Guy Kawasaki will be giving a talk at Ignite SXSW titled, Enchantment – The Future of Influence. You don’t want to miss it! The entrepreneur’s entrepreneur is back with his ninth book, this time tackling … Continue reading


Ignite SXSW poster by Kris Kotcher! Save the date!

We are so pleased to present the amazing artwork of Kris Kotcher for IgniteSXSW! We ran across his work at his recent show at the Hideout Theater on Congress here in Austin and we just knew he had what we … Continue reading