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Ignite Austin brings together an inspiring and unexpected blend of thinkers from business, art, technology, government and academia. All with ideas. And all willing to share them.

Enchantment: The Future of Influence – Guy Kawasaki @ Ignite SXSW!

Guy Kawasaki discusses the future of public relatons and interpersonal relations through twenty tips on how to become more … Enchanting.


Slinging the cream, living the dream – Matt Allen the Ice Cream Man @ Ignite! SXSW

Matt Allen, the Ice Cream Man, explores the future of free and the power of altruism, doing things right and being nice. Matt explains his traveling the country and giving away free ice cream, the philosophy behind it. Free works! Especially free ice cream!


Prabhakar Gopalan at Ignite SXSW! Managers Ousted!

Prabhakar Gopalan is a management and product consultant who has a radical take on managers. Get rid of them! From Ignite SXSW, March 11th 2011.


Valeria Maltoni at Ignite SXSW! Uploading Humanism

From Ignite SXSW in March of 2011. We’ll be uploading videos from the speakers over the next couple of weeks!

Here, Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent fame, speaks about “Uploading Humanism”. Check it out!



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Get ready for @GuyKawasaki on Friday!

We’re excited to announce that Guy Kawasaki will be giving a talk at Ignite SXSW titled, Enchantment – The Future of Influence. You don’t want to miss it!

The entrepreneur’s entrepreneur is back with his ninth book, this time tackling the tricky art of influence and persuasion. Kawasaki (Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging and Outmarketing Your Competition, 2011, etc.) transforms the otherwise exhausted and overwrought tropes of how to win friends and influence people with a complete makeover here, whether he’s talking about wardrobe choice or tips for effective swearing. The author, a modern-day Dale Carnegie, offers explanations on how to wield the most influence in the digital age: Push Technologies like presentations, e-mails and Twitter are discussed as active means of enchanting others, while Pull Technologies like Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn passively draw them in. The author’s suggestions for achieving likeability and trustworthiness, as well as overcoming resistance, are thoroughly explained and can easily translate from the workplace to the real world. Kawasaki makes good use of subheads and bullet points, rendering information in a searchable format. He ends each chapter with an anecdote that illuminates the effectiveness of his techniques–while it’s not original, it’s effective. The author’s trademark light and airy style is on display, but it’s his humor and empathy that makes the heavy use of BusinessSpeak and buzzwords more easily palatable.


IA3 SXSW Speakers Announced!

Howdy Igniters! It’s just three days away. Take a look at our SPEAKERS – chock full of good stuff. I can’t wait to see who the Special Guest will be. Heard it’s a biggy!

Have your tickets? If not, click here: TICKETS

Get ready to get your geek on with us on Friday night at the Music Hall. It’s gonna be awesome!


Ignite SXSW poster by Kris Kotcher! Save the date!

We are so pleased to present the amazing artwork of Kris Kotcher for IgniteSXSW! We ran across his work at his recent show at the Hideout Theater on Congress here in Austin and we just knew he had what we needed to make IgniteSXSW come to life!  We hope you agree.

Artwork by Kris Kotcher

By Kris Kotcher.

He really nailed the amazing mix of brains and bots that we and Dorkbot are unleashing on Austin on Friday, March 11th, the opening night of SXSW Interactive.

We liked the look so much, we decided we needed more of that flava. So we’ll be screen-printing special tees on site with Sanctuary Printshop’s bad-ass El Camino!

Artwork By Kris Kotcher!

Got a favorite tee or something you just can’t bear to get rid of? Bring it along and have it printed for 1/2 off the price of having a new shirt made! Yes, really. I gotta hoody in mind….

Seriously, this event is going to be huge! The ATX will likely not make it. How could it? Ignite brings the brains. Dorkbot brings the bots. Chocolate n peanut butter baby!

Gotta SXSW badge? You are covered but please sign up here!

Need a ticket? A paltry 10 bucks will be the safest bet you ever made; cause when we announce the speakers, you’ll be glad you stepped up.

We’ve a very special guest or two that just might make you take all of your household appliances apart and reconfigure them to click “like” repeatedly on our Facebook page.

Early bird. Meet the worm…

Stay tuned.


If you could peer 10 years into the future, what would you see?

Think about something you have a real passion for and deep understanding of. Now think 10 years ahead into the future. What do you see? How will things be different?

I bet if you think about it, there are many aspects that are obvious to you but which other people might not consider. Help us see into your crystal ball. How will our lives change?

Submit your speaker proposal today!


Save the Date! Ignite SXSW – Vision of the Future 2021

Mark your calendar now for Ignite SXSW 2021 – Vision of the Future. In this Ignite we’ll ask 16 experts in their fields to look ahead 10 years and help us understand how our every day lives will be affected by advances in technology and society.

This will be an official SXSW event promoted in the booklet and directory. It will be open to all SXSW participants and then we will sell additional tickets as well.

We’re psyched that Dorkbot will be joining us for the event and setting up around the perimeter of the Music Hall.

Do you have a great idea for a speaker? Please submit ideas here.

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