When is the next Ignite Austin?

Tomorrow, next month, next year?

The team at Ignite Austin has been debating for a long time about the next Ignite Austin event, and we went back and forth about whether or not to organize an event during March for SXSW or to hold off until June. The point of contention was that holding an event surrounding SXSW does make it more of an international event, rather than a local event, but it does of course expose Austin to speakers that typically visit once annually.

Our final decision as a team was to hold off until June for the next Ignite Austin in an effort to preserve the local feel and flavor of the event and focus efforts on local speakers, topics, and of course, sponsors. We will likely hold another Training Camp in April for the June Ignite Austin event, and we are definitely looking for sponsors for the event since we have opted to Keep Austin Weird Ignite(d) (was that last comment too lame? Nah, that works).

Next steps

  1. If you are interested in going to a Training Camp to learn more about Ignite Austin, how to get a topic proposal approved, speaking tips and connecting with past speakers, click here as the camp will only occur if there is enough interest.
  2. We are already accepting speaker’s proposals, so if you have a humdinger of an idea, submit it here. If you have ALREADY SUBMITTED, your proposal will still be considered.
  3. If you own or work at a company that would like to sponsor the June event, we are definitely looking to speak with you – email us at and we can chat.

We’ll keep you updated about Training Camp and will announce the actual date and venue as soon as possible. We are very excited about our decision to keep the focus of Ignite Austin on Austin, and look forward to hearing from all of you!

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